MIGUN Thermal Massage Beds

The Migun Experience  
    How Migun Affects Our Body  
  • Far Infrared Ray is produced.
  • The Jade Helium probes applied on the vertebral column serves as mechanical stimulation.
  • MIGUN therefore
  • increases blood circulation
  • promotes lactic acid detoxification
  • increases in immune response
  • helps in stress reduction
    Improvement Reactions

        Everyday, people use their backs to support the weight of their bodies. This results in tremendous wear and tear, adversely affecting the vertebrae, organs, and your body’s “chi”. Also, when muscles are overworked, they ache. When those muscles continue to be put to work, they eventually stop aching. Without renewal through direct intervention, this deteriorating effect will continue.
    An Improvement Reaction or Healing Reaction, is a temporary process your body goes through when it reacts to a treatment in a positive way. They are often confused with "side effects". In most cases this "Improvement Reaction" is a sign that the body is healing and detoxifying. A “Side Effect” is a negative and unhealthy reaction, the body goes through when exposed to a toxin whether orally, through the skin, or otherwise. The reason there is confusion between an "Improvement Reaction" and a Side Effect” is that an “Improvement Reactions” often make you feel worse in order to feel better. However, when you experience the initial signs of improvement reactions remember that this is the procedure in which hidden diseases and sicknesses are revealed during the detoxification process. After continued use these symptoms subside.
        On an average improvement reactions show within three to five days after use. However, everyone is different, therefore reactions may vary. ‘For some people improvement reactions show after three weeks and in extreme cases as much as six month to a year after continuous use.

    Acupressure, Far infrared rays and Migun Beds

        Acupressure and far-infrared rays, generated through the all natural jade massage heads, penetrate into your blood stream, stimulate blood cells, and increase circulation. This process will help to dissolve toxic materials and waste in your body.
        Your body’s initial reaction to an overworked lymphatic system (which is normally responsible for moving toxins out of the body) is to find another way to dispose of toxins. Commonly, skin irritation, nausea, or perspiration can occur as the toxins are released.

       The far infrared rays have outstanding effect on caloric consumption and weight control, burning from 600 to 2400 calories in a 30 minute session of Migun bed. The infrared thermal system stimulates the consumption of energy equal to that expended in a 6 to 9 mile run. The far infrared rays also help to flush out toxins from the lymph area and from the largest organ of elimination, the skin, and restores a healthy body.

        In much the same way that plant need light for the photosynthesis process, animals need radiant energy to send electrochemical impulses to the pineal and pituitary glands to produce healthy hormones that are sent through the central nervous system to all the cells of the body. Far infrared and heat is thus essential to the functioning of our entire endocrine system and is not only safe, but also highly beneficial for optimal health.
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